The ‘Khaki mix up’

 The gentleman of this story is one I have great respect for. This is based on true facts and word of mouth. This is not a comic , it may or may not be funny. The purpose is to bring back memories, or not.

In Freetown, it is very possible to mistake a Grammar School boy for a Govt. Model or Govt. Rokel School pupil, because all three schools wear White shirt and supposedly ‘brown’ shorts or trousers. Just for the record, Grammar School boys don’t wear ‘brown’, but ‘Khaki’ shorts. During my Grammar School years, this ‘Khaki mix-up’ story was an ill-fated event involving a Grammar School Prefect who now studies Law at the Fourah Bay College. (He should sue the SL Police when he’s called to the bar). In November of 2011, the International School ltd (Secondary) “TIS”, had their sports meeting at the Siaka Stevens Stadium. In attendance was the Inspector General of Police, Francis Munu. His daughter Francess, attended that school. Because of IG Munu’s presence at the sports meet, security was tight at the National Stadium. ‘Anysai u turn na stadium – OSD’. This was good, because many of us escaped the ‘off man’ dem that afternoon. On the same day as the TIS sport was an inter-sec football match between Govt. Model and Govt. Rokel also at the National Stadium (yh right, you probably know what’s going to happen).

Earlier on this day at SLGS, if u see man em na class – all swagged up for this TIS sport. D wan em wae get colored invitation d shabe pan d wan em wae get photocopy. D wan em wae get TIS baby, den bin don kek from lunch break; this included a friend wae wan TIS baby bin don put on 1 year probation. Nobody nor wan doti, alman keep clean. To avoid the Poda Poda hassle, me bin don arrange for lift with d SLGS Head Prefect at the time, in his ML 320. Our Principal Mr Lasite kin always d warn man em say “don’t take off your uniform shirt until you get home”. But the SLGS Prefect of this story bin tranga yes, so in bin don pull in uniform shirt, wer t-shirt pantap in Khaki for dis sport.
When most of us eventually got to the stadium, an intense fighting ensued between Rokel and Model. So so run run!. So in order to calm the fighting, IG Munu’s men rallied around stadium with whips in search of Model and Rokel boys with brown shorts. If u see wae d cane em bin long long; I’ll tell you that these were the kind of canes u can only get at Big Makit. I know this because I once bought similar canes for a teacher, in return of 5 marks. As Legend has it, d Police man em see dis Grammar School Prefect dae run with in Khaki trosis, but of course e nor wer uniform. As den buckle u man so, nain e begin speak English. But the OSD wasted no time in mounting him up to a table. The Prefect sweared “na Grammar School ar dae go sir”, the recalcitrant OSD replied “well na Collegiate me go sir”. Oh man! Some solid lashes were administered to this Prefect’s buttocks. When I saw this same Prefect at Annie Walsh sports meet months later, he even had his ceremonial coat on. Lesson learned : Once ‘beaten’, twice shy!


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