Kossoh Town Boy: A Time Capsule of Pre Independence Sierra Leone

A very insightful take on an inspirational and well written auto-biography.


Reading has always been a passion of mine ,since my early years when I discovered this wonderful world of words, sometimes fiction or real in the pages of books wrapped in letters.
I fell in love.

This is not to say I divorced my toys, but its safe to say they took a somehow distant second fiddle in my mind.
As time passed, my relationship with reading grew. During my countless journeys into the land of reading, it wasn’t long before the noticeable absence of encountering authors or poets from my country Sierra Leone started weighing on my mind. Naturally my curiousity kicked in which eventually led me to discover(re-discover) them for myself .What was more shocking was how talented these writers were, yet they had received or were receiving little recognition in my country, and their works remained largely forgotten or ignored. Their names were familiar to only the…

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Out of Darkness.

A week ago I was writing an essay for my International Environmental Law class on Africa's Energy grid (focusing on Sierra Leone). Doing this essay, I experienced a very humbling and emotional feeling from the moment I typed in the sentence "Growing up, I never experienced 24 hours electricity supply on every day of the week". And [...]